Main Activities

The following is description of our subsidiary activities as part of the international exchange promotion activities in the field of information science (computing science).


IISF will subsidize a portion of the travel expenses necessary for the international exchange of researchers from Japan and abroad. Applicants must be researchers or graduate students in the field of information science. Applications are accepted two times a year (February and June) and qualified applicants are chosen by the Selection Committee upon examination of submitted documents.

  1. Support Program for Researchers Traveling Abroad

    IISF will subsidize young researchers (including foreign students in Japan) attending international conferences held abroad for presentation of thesis or as a invited speaker.
  2. Visiting Researcher Support Program

    IISF will subsidize foreign researchers from abroad attending international conferences held in Japan for presentation of thesis or as a guest speaker, or those hosted or invited by a scientific research institution for investigation or cooperative research.